personal cosplay masterpost


I am so uninspired right now it hurts.

People are better than Rice, pt 2

People are better than Rice, pt. 1



“what was your key motivation for this piece”

oh idk the due date

(via pizza)


Want a super cool enormous poster? Want to help poor graphic design students?



My VCU graphic design class is doing a super cool, extra awesome STEAMROLLER PRINT EVENT. We carve out enormous blocks of linoleum and roll a steamroller over them to make giant posters! We have an indiegogo and anything anyone can donate would be amazing! 

Also if you live in Richmond, Come to our event on Friday April 11th from 2 to 8pm at the VCU Pollak building! 

Hey everyone! It would be wonderful if you’d like to support my class/me and make my spring semester a little less stressful by donating whatever you can to this event!


I didn’t finish my work because I was too busy marathoning Mad Men.

I also really don’t give a fuck because the weather is nice for once and I just downloaded like, twenty new albums to listen to.


skipping class to work on a different class’s project feels both productive and disappointing.


sometimes I really wish I had gone to the sculpture department instead, but I think I would lose my passion for it faster.

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